Exclusive Tuning for Mercedes AMG

Power enhancement

and Vmax delimiter

for Mercedes AMG

Tuning Mercedes AMG

Get a performance enhancement by performmaster including Vmax delimiterand German part approval.

Gladly we inform you about our performance enhancement and Vmax delimiter for your Mercedes AMG. Send us your vehicle data and get your personal AMG performance package now.

Mercedes AMG Tuning: TÜV certification included

AMG Tuning part approval

Performmaster offers the PEC tuning module including a vehicle-specific German TÜV certification. The certificate of conformity is included with the product, which allows you to register all approved test. With the certification performmaster fulfills the highest criteria for operational reliability. Moreover, the tuning module comes including OEM connectors, a part approval and a detailed installation manual with step-by-step instructions and pictures.

What we measure:

  • Engine Performance Measurement ✓
  • Maximum speed measurement ✓
  • Braking check ✓
  • Tires check ✓
  • Fuel analysis ✓
  • Noise measurement ✓

The CAN bus technology for your perfect Mercedes-AMG Tuning

The PEC tuning combines best results and reliability in one module. Unique in the world!

All the advantages of the CAN bus at a glance:

  • Performance and Vmax delimiter in a single tuning module ✓
  • No disruption or manipulation of the original engine control unit ✓
  • Monitoring of all vehicle data in real time ✓
  • Tuning starts only at optimal engine operating temperature ✓
  • All factory engine protection functions are fully maintained ✓
  • All factory engine updates are still possible ✓
  • Tuning remains even after a service update ✓
  • Vehicle is always diagnosable ✓
  • Residue free dismantling possible ✓
  • For diagnostic purposes, the vehicle can be restored to the original condition at any time ✓

Video: Expect the best with the AMG tuning form performmaster

Tuning for Mercedes AMG GT and AMG GTS
With the performance enhancement for Mercedes AMG GT and AMG GTS, performmaster upgrades the new Supersportwagen from Affalterbach. The tuning is generates more power and more torque. In addition, the Vmax is also creases for getting the maximum top speed.

The AMG tuning module form performmaster
The performance enhancement and Vmax delimiter for Mercedes AMG GT and AMG GTS is available at performmaster and comes in a single tuning module. The tuning module is already pre-set and no further programming is required.

AMG Tuning plus saftey
The safety of the AMG tuning in the form of a German TÜV is already included. This makes the AMG tuning of performmaster a safer tuning.

Read what the press says about the AMG tuning by performmaster

Presse Auto-Motor-Sport AMG-Tuning E63

Mercedes E63 AMG from performmaster

“With 702 hp for supersport”

After a power treatment on AMG models tuner performmaster brings the E63 AMG up to 702 hp and a whopping 1,000 Nm at the start. Made possible by a single tuning module.


New C63 with 612 HP

“Performmaster Mercedes-AMG C63 with 612 hp”

A combination that leaves supersports-car behind? No problem! Performmaster helps the Mercedes-AMG C63 T-model providing 612 hp and more than 300 km/h.

Presse Auto-Motor-Sport AMG-Tuning GTS

Performmaster tunes the Mercedes-AMG GTS

“Porsche 911 Turbo S slayer”

Tuner performmaster from Plüderhausen, Germany, brings the Mercedes-AMG GT S engine to 612 hp. The sportscar from Affalterbach now speeds up to 330 km/h.


Digital lookup

“Performmaster tuning: 410 hp in the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG”

Up to 410 hp elicits performmaster out of the AMG 45 models and outbids the 360 PS Series significantly.

Presse Auto-Motor-Sport AMG-Tuning A45

Performmaster tuning module

“Superpowers for AMG models”

Performmaster from Plüderhausen, Germany, provides a PEC tuning module for current Mercedes AMG models that promises more power and sets the Vmax limit up to 320 km/h.


Our road test:

“Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 4MATIC from performmaster”

Where the series drops out, the GLA 45 with the power increase of performmaster has a fantastic crisp effortlessly toward the top speed of 280 km/h.