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Tuning für Mercedes 43 AMG

Tuning for Mercedes C 43 AMG: Performance & Aerodynamics

Exclusive by performmaster: Tuning for your Mercedes C43 AMG. The tuning options include performance kit with Vmax delimiter. In addition, a specially developed aerodynamics package, consisting of front flaps and lateral spoilers on the rear apron.

A visual highlight is the Panamericana grill – a homage to the AMG motorsport tradition. The tuning options are perfectly matched to the lowered suspension for the Mercedes C 43 AMG. All performmaster tuning options are now available individually, in combination or as a complete package.

More power for the Mercedes C 43 AMG

More power, more torque and a higher top speed for your Mercedes C43 AMG. The PEC tuning module by performmaster makes this possible – exclusively for Mercedes-AMG models. A comprehensive engine warranty and a part aproval is already included.

Power enhancement and Vmax delimiter for Mercedes-AMG 43 in a single performmaster tuning module

More power (hp)

More torque (Nm)

Higher top speed (km/h)

Stock performance (hp)

Stock performance (Nm)

Top speed (km/h)

Power enhancement ✓

Vmax delimiter ✓

incl. part approval ✓

incl. PEC tuning module warranty ✓

The power box with Vmax delimiter is also available for the following Mercedes AMG models: Mercedes C43 AMG (saloon W205), Mercedes C43 AMG (T-model S205), Mercedes C43 AMG coupe (C205) as well as for the Cabriolet (A205), also with the engine C 450 AMG. The maximum speed is raised with the tuning to 285 km/h (series: 250 km/h). The maximum speed is raised with the tuning to 280 km/h (series: 250 km/h). With the tuning of performmaster, the Mercedes 43-AMG models accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.0 seconds. For comparison: Mercedes 43-AMG models (series: 4.7 sec.).

Exclusive and individual optimization packages for your Mercedes C43 AMG

Available now: Optimization packages for your Mercedes C43 AMG, consisting of performance box, exterieur and aerodynamic package. Find out more about performmaster’s tuning options – exclusively for Mercedes-AMG vehicles. All optimization can be completed individually, in combination or in the overall package.

PEC tuning for more power – including Vmax delimiter
Front flaps for more downforce on the front axle
Rear spoiler for an optimized spoiler lip
Rear flics to improve the side air outlets
Panamericana grill for a more dominant front
Suspensions for variable lowering

AERSPHERE: Front flaps

Tuning für Mercedes 43 AMG

The performmaster AERSPHERE front flaps significantly optimize the aerodynamics of your Mercedes C43 AMG.

The Mercedes-AMG front flaps provide more downforce on the front axle and thus a higher driving stability with more precise steering behavior.

Improved aerodynamics for your Mercedes-AMG

More downforce on the front for precise steering behavior
Aerodynamics in line with vehicle design
Perfect fit, mounting can be glued or screwed
High load capacity
High quality workmanship, Made in Germany
Incl. TÜV certificate for road approval

AERSPHERE Rear flics

Tuning für Mercedes 43 AMG

The side spoilers at the rear apron of the Mercedes-AMG C 43 increase the contact pressure and improve the overall handling.

The rear flics extend visually the air outlets of the rear apron, support the traction of the rear wheels and thus the driving stability.

Optimized flow at the rear

Reduction of air resistance, higher contact pressure
Shorter braking distance at higher speeds
Improved handling, higher traction
Better lateral acceleration, better driving stability

Panamericana Grill: The original AMG look

Tuning für Mercedes 43 AMG

The Panamericana grill has established itself as a trademark and visually sets an exclamation mark. The top models from Mercedes-Benz are immediately recognizable as AMG performance vehicles. The C43 front looks much more independent and dominant with a Panamericana grill.

The Panamericana grill at a glance

Mercedes-AMG Panamericana grill
Motorsport look for your Mercedes-AMG C 43
Perfect fit in the AMG grille
Radiator grille consistently designed for driving dynamics
Installation without TÜV

Optimal handling: Suspensions for the C43 AMG

Tuning für Mercedes 43 AMG

An excellent alternative to lower a conventional chassis are the performmaster suspension especially for your Mercedes C43 AMG.

Variable lowering
More dynamic appearance
Agile steering behavior
Improved response
incl. Elastomere holders
incl. Dust protection system
AMG driver assistance systems are retained
AMG comfort functions are retained

PEC tuning module for Mercedes-AMG 43

PEC Tuning-Modul für Mercedes AMG

Power enhancement

460 hp / 610 Nm


Vmax delimiter

up to 285 km/h


incl. part approval


incl. PEC tuning module warranty

up to 24 months from the date of installation

All specifications for power and torque, performance and fuel consumption values based on calculations and measurements based on the manufacturer’s specifications and can vary due to production tolerances, equipment and tires of the vehicle and environmental conditions such as air pressure and temperature. Please maintain adequate speed restrictions of the tires. We will be happy to advise you!

What customers say about the performmaster AMG tuning



Mercedes-AMG GT S

I thought about the possible performance optimization of my AMG GTS for about a year. After detailed research, I decided to use the PEC tuning module. Main reasons: part approval & a complete warranty for engine and transmission – without fuss or quibble. The V-Max delimiter moves the speedometer to over 330km/h. I had the installation carried out directly in Germany. I was impressed by the professional way performmaster took care of my car.



Mercedes A 45 AMG

I am highly satisfied with the Performmaster tuning module!!! The whole package is exceptionally good. For me, the decisive factor was the warranty and the TÜV approval. After the purchase you have an exclusive 1: 1 customer care. Really unique! Top class. I drive my A45 with TOP speed and after approx. 60.000km there are no problems. My conclusion: I would recommend Performmaster at any time without restriction.



Mercedes C 63 AMG

I searched a performance optimization and I liked the company Performmaster right from the start. The performance update with the PEC tuning module my AMG really came up to life. Anyone who has driven a performance-optimized C63 from Plüderhausen knows what I’m talking about. Above all, the manufacturer’s warranty is a unique feature of Performmaster and prove thier professional way ot tuning.

Performmaster AMG-Tuning aus Plüderhausen

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Performance package and Vmax delimiter for Mercedes-AMG:

In the course of the model update (C43 AMG facelift) and the Mercedes-AMG C 43S (2018) receives a PS update. From now on, the 3-liter V6 delivers 390 hp instead of 367 hp. The torque remains unchanged at a maximum of 520 Nm. In addition to the engine, the 43er (2018) differs in the future by the new grille with double blade and AMG lettering. The tuning for the AMG C 43 (2018) increases the distance again. A significant horsepower plus and higher torque for the Mercedes C43 AMG facelift with the performance increase of performmaster.

The PEC tuning unites all AMG chip tuning advantages in just one module: Increased performance including parts certification. The operational safety of your Mercedes-AMG C 43 comes first. Because the PEC tuning module only becomes active when the operating temperature of your Mercedes-AMG C 43 is sufficient. Significant advantages over a classic ECU chip tuning for a Mercedes AMG.

Exclusive to performmaster: Tuning for your Mercedes-AMG C43. Tuning options include power enhancement and Vmax cancellation with the PEC tuning module for more power, more torque and a higher top speed.

Under the label performmaster: AERSPHERE, performmaster is developing a high-quality aerodynamics package for the Mercedes-AMG C43, consisting of front flaps and lateral stall edges. The result: improved driving characteristics due to less air resistance.

The performmaster threaded spring sets are especially suitable for Mercedes-AMG drivers who want to subtly lower their Mercedes-AMG C43 while taking advantage of an individual adjustment range. Due to the vehicle-specific performmaster threaded spring sets, the standard chassis will continue to be used and visually enhanced significantly.