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About us

It roars, it roars, it hisses, it pushes and it leaves incredulous amazement on faces that resemble a big question mark. If you can trigger such feelings with your product, then you may be quite proud, but still not satisfied.

Performmaster has been committed to motorsport for many years now and as a result has adopted an absolute high-end product in order to modify it even more definitively – the Mercedes AMG engine. After a long development time and countless tests in all areas, our PEC MODULE engine tuning delivers the REFERENCE CLASS with values that trigger exactly the emotions described above. And with guaranteed warranty. Also in all areas and also so uncompromising.

Experience on these pages the first visual impressions of our development. But best of all you LEARN yourself. A quick call is enough!

performmaster: Our history

Founded in 1965 as a Reifenhaus by Erich Heinzelmann, at that time the company focused exclusively on the right tires for automobiles and built up an ever-increasing customer base through a customer-oriented service.

With the entry of today’s senior manager Thomas Heinzelmann in 1977, the membership in the dealership pointS followed and then an additional realignment in the areas of motorsport and tuning.

Through his commitment, in the meantime already in a responsible position at pointS, the dealer network decided to support the Schorndorf racer Bernd Mayländer in the Porsche Carrera Cup. His vehicle was completely branded with pointS and already this season Bernd Mayländer won the overall victory of the Porsche Carrera Cup in 1994.

Even in his DTM time for Mercedes-Benz, his vehicle was branded by pointS and until today Bernd Mayländer, meanwhile brand ambassador of Mercedes-Benz and since 2000 the official Safety Car driver of the Formula 1, is closely connected to Heinzelmann.

Not only through this motorsport commitment developed over the years, a more than impressive portfolio in the tuning sector. Today pointS-heinzelmann supplies more than 460 pointS companies with tuning parts.

And it went on rapidly: the company has dedicated itself to the AMG engine tuning and made a name for itself nationwide with the company performmaster © high performance. In 2013, performmaster © celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary and presented a completely new technology to increase the performance of AMG vehicles.

Responsible for this new and very successful area is now the third generation – Udo Heinzelmann – who further expands and repositions the company. Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a high level of technical knowledge, he had the right feeling to invest in the field of engine tuning to a considerable degree.

Today performmaster high performance is the instance for AMG engine tuning.

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Performance package and Vmax delimiter for Mercedes-AMG:

The PEC tuning unites all AMG chip tuning advantages in just one module: Increased performance including German part approval. The operational safety of your Mercedes-AMG comes first. Because the PEC tuning module starts when the engine temperature of your Mercedes-AMG is sufficient. Significant advantages over a classic ECU chip tuning for a Mercedes-AMG.

Just like a classic AMG chip tuning, the tuning with a PEC tuning module is active immediately after installation: more horsepower and more torque for your Mercedes-AMG. As simple as the installation is, so easy is also the retro-fitting in stock perfromance. This is chip tuning for your Mercedes-AMG of the latest generation with a PEC tuning module from performmaster.

Chiptuning for the Mercedes-AMG with the PEC tuning module by performmaster with the innovative CAN bus tuning technology. Select your Mercedes-AMG here.