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Tuning für Mercedes GLC 43 AMG performmaster

Tuning for Mercedes GLC 43 AMG: clarity of performance

Tuning für Mercedes GLC 43 AMG performmaster
Tuning für Mercedes GLC 43 AMG performmaster
Tuning für Mercedes GLC 43 AMG performmaster

performmaster GLC 43 AMG with 430 hp and 610 Nm

Sensual Purity “, the Mercedes designers call their flowing and elegant forms of the latest product lines, which are also reflected in the new Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC.

Sporty AMG accents on the outside, a powerful V6 under hood and a sporty interior emphasize the overall appearance of this noble SUV. 520 Newton meters makes its 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine 367 hp. It accelerates from 4.9 seconds to 100, but the fun factor unfortunately already ends at 250 km / h and there is optionally no Vmax suspension of AMG.

Quite differently, this “sensual purity” is defined in the performmaster GLC 43 AMG

Thanks to the built-in performmaster PEC tuning module, the engine gets impressive 430 hp and 610 Nm and accelerates the performmaster GLC 43 AMG from 0 – 100 in 4.7 seconds and from zero to 200 in 16.6 seconds. This brutal fun is further underlined by the Vmax suspension to 280 km / h and thus ensures the true “sensual” experiences in all areas of driving dynamics.

The main focus was from the beginning of the development of the PEC tuning module on a perfect overall package. This includes not only the optimization of performance and the Vmax cancellation of the AMG, but also the TÜV parts certificate. Thus, the Mercedes GLC 43 AMG is still allowed in the road after the optimization. Also included is the transparent warranty, just like the factory ones, with no hidden clauses. This is unique in the industry and provides maximum security.

The Mercedes AMG GLC 43 4MATIC is by no means bad and has now caught up with the Porsche Macan S. However, this changes quite suddenly with the PEC tuning module developed and used by performmaster. Now the Mercedes GLC 43 AMG on Top gets the power to leave even more powerful Porsche models behind.

Performmaster is known for devoting itself exclusively to the Mercedes AMG range of vehicles and here the engine is in the main focus. The performmaster PEC tuning module works completely independently here, without having to intervene in the built-in control unit. The installation is easy, not least because original Bosch connections are used, which are connected directly to the engine control unit.

The Mercedes-AMG-based company from the Swabian Plüderhausen relies on perfection: And so the Mercedes-AMG driver receives an absolute premium product with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Performmaster AMG-Tuning aus Plüderhausen

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Performance package and Vmax delimiter for Mercedes-AMG:

The PEC tuning unites all AMG chip tuning advantages in just one module: Increased performance including German part approval. The operational safety of your Mercedes-AMG comes first. Because the PEC tuning module starts when the engine temperature of your Mercedes-AMG is sufficient. Significant advantages over a classic ECU chip tuning for a Mercedes-AMG.

Just like a classic AMG chip tuning, the tuning with a PEC tuning module is active immediately after installation: more horsepower and more torque for your Mercedes-AMG. As simple as the installation is, so easy is also the retro-fitting in stock perfromance. This is chip tuning for your Mercedes-AMG of the latest generation with a PEC tuning module from performmaster.

Chiptuning for the Mercedes-AMG with the PEC tuning module by performmaster with the innovative CAN bus tuning technology. Select your Mercedes-AMG here.