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612 PS und 310 km/h

Tuning für Mercedes C 63 AMG von performmaster mit dem PEC Tuning-Modul. Mehr Leistung, höheres Drehmoment inklusive Vmax-Aufhebung mit nur einem Tuning-Modul.

430 PS und 285 km/h

Jetzt ab sofort bei performmaster: Tuning für den Mercedes-AMG 43 Modelle. Mehr PS-Leistung, mehr Drehmoment und eine höhere Endgeschwindigkeit dank dem PEC Tuning-Modul

650 PS und 330 km/h

Bestwerte für den Mercedes-AMG GT R von performmaster mit dem PEC Tuning-Modul. Mehr Leistung, höheres Drehmoment inklusive Vmax-Aufhebung mit nur einem Tuning-Modul.

680 PS und 240 km/h

Exklusiv bei performmaster und nur für Mercedes-AMG: Tuning inklusive Vmax-Aufhebung mit dem PEC Tuning-Modul für Mercedes G 63 AMG inklusive umfassender Motorgarantie und einem passenden TÜV-Teilegutachten.










Vmax delimiter: Exclusive for Mercedes-AMG

Only at performmaster and only for Mercedes-AMG: increased performance and Vmax cancellation in a tuning module with the innovative CAN bus tuning technology. A parts certificate and a comprehensive engine warranty are already included.


Vmax delimiter


including power increase


including part approval


including engine warranty

AMG tuning including engine warranty

We ensure the mobility of your Mercedes AMG with a care and quality that is in no way inferior to the manufacturer’s warranty:

  • For Engine, Transmission, Turbo and more ✓
  • From installation up to 24 months ✓
  • Up to 100,000 km mileage ✓
  • Guarantee without causal clause ✓
  • Guarantee without upper limit ✓
  • connection guarantee possible ✓

AMG tuning including part approval

Performmaster offers the PEC tuning module including a vehicle-specific TÜV part certificate, which allows you to register with all recognized test centers:

  • Engine power measurement ✓
  • Maximum speed measurement ✓
  • Checking the braking effect ✓
  • Checking the tires ✓
  • Flue gas measurement ✓
  • Driving sound measurement ✓

Choose your individual tuning package

Select your Vmax delimiter for your Mercedes-AMG. Choose your vehicle and the matching PEC tuning module.

Can-BUS tuning technology

Vmax-Aufhebung für Mercedes AMG performmaster

Best results and highest safety. These are the advantages of CAN bus tuning technology:

  • Performance increase and Vmax cancellation in a tuning module
  • No breaking or tampering with the engine control unit
  • Tuning does not start until the engine is at optimum operating temperature
  • All factory engine protection features are retained
  • All factory engine updates are still possible
  • Tuning will continue to be maintained after every service update
  • For diagnostic purposes, the vehicle can be returned to its original state at any time
  • residue-free dismantling possible

PEC tuning modul: Installation

Vmax-Aufhebung für Mercedes AMG Einbau

On request, we coordinate your installation: With our certified installation partners and performmaster tuning centers, we are always nearby and ensure the best possible accessibility. For a quick and smooth process, our installation partners are at your disposal: throughout Germany, in Austria and Switzerland.

PEC tuning is already preset for each car. No further tuning is necessary – just drive off and enjoy. The PEC tuning module can also be removed at any time, e.g. at vehicle change. Your Mercedes-AMG is then back in production – without leaving any traces of the tuning.

What customers say about performmaster’s AMG tuning



Mercedes-AMG GT S

I thought about the possible performance optimization of my AMG GTS for about a year. After detailed research, I decided to use the PEC tuning module. Main reasons: TÜV, complete warranty for engine and transmission, without any ifs or buts. The V-Max suspension causes the speedometer to move to just over 330km / h. I had the installation carried out directly in Plüderhausen and was surprised by the personal and competent care really positive.



Mercedes A 45 AMG

I am more than satisfied with the Performmaster tuning module !!! The whole package is exceptionally good. For me, the decisive factor was the warranty and the TÜV approval. After the purchase you have an exclusive 1: 1 customer care. Really unique! Top class. I load regularly my A45 up to the TOP speed and had also after approx. 60.000km no problems. My conclusion: I would recommend Performmaster at any time without restriction.



Mercedes C 63 AMG

In the search for a performance optimization, I felt well looked after and understood by the company Performmaster right from the start. Only after the performance cure through the PEC Tuning Module the real AMG feeling came up. Anyone who has driven a performance-optimized C63 from Plüderhausen knows what I’m talking about. Above all, the unconditional acceptance of the manufacturer’s warranty is a unique feature of Performmaster and testifies that you know what you are doing here.

Performmaster AMG-Tuning aus Plüderhausen

Your AMG tuning: We are happy to advise you!

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Performance package and Vmax delimiter for Mercedes-AMG:

The PEC tuning unites all AMG chip tuning advantages in just one module: Increased performance including German part approval. The operational safety of your Mercedes-AMG comes first. Because the PEC tuning module starts when the engine temperature of your Mercedes-AMG is sufficient. Significant advantages over a classic ECU chip tuning for a Mercedes-AMG.

Just like a classic AMG chip tuning, the tuning with a PEC tuning module is active immediately after installation: more horsepower and more torque for your Mercedes-AMG. As simple as the installation is, so easy is also the retro-fitting in stock perfromance. This is chip tuning for your Mercedes-AMG of the latest generation with a PEC tuning module from performmaster.

Chiptuning for the Mercedes-AMG with the PEC tuning module by performmaster with the innovative CAN bus tuning technology. Select your Mercedes-AMG here.