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performmaster AMG Turbo Ugrade

A professional turbo conversion from performmaster creates more power and higher torque. Better response, faster acceleration and a more intense driving experience included.

An AMG turbo conversion by performmaster also ensures safety and durability, since central components such as connecting rods and pistons are replaced with reinforced racing parts. The performmaster AMG turbo kit includes all the individual parts required for the conversion, such as turbocharger, manifold, intercooler, compression reduction and boost pressure control.

If you wish, we can also adapt the performmaster AMG turbo kit individually to your vehicle with e.g. B. with surge charging manifold. Further increases in performance are possible with the appropriate camshaft and cylinder head machining.

performmaster makes the difference

More horsepower

Stock power (hp)

More Nm torque

Standard power (Nm)


“The turbo for your turbo”

The performance upgrade from performmaster

• Available for the bi-turbos from Mercedes-AMG
• Ideally matched to the AMG series engine
• Turbo kit consisting of two performmaster special turbochargers
• Including a larger compressor unit< br />• Including reinforced thrust bearings

We will also advise you on other changes such as the chassis, tires and brake system. Even after the AMG Turbo upgrade, your vehicle retains its operating permit.

With turbo upgrade from 0 to 200 km/h

Performance upgrade for the bi-turbos from Mercedes-AMG

performmaster offers a performance upgrade for the Mercedes-AMG bi-turbos. The turbos optimized by performmaster are ideally matched to the AMG series engine. The turbo upgrade is individually and perfectly adapted to your AMG. The turbo kit consists of two performmaster special turbochargers and is equipped with a larger compressor unit and reinforced axial bearings.

The turbo kit is supplemented by the performmaster PEC tuning module – the increase in performance for the AMG engine electronics. The turbo upgrade and increase in performance convince with an optimized response in the entire speed range – for the best performance with a high level of suitability for everyday use.

Turbocharger conversion

For the AMG optimizations such as increased performance (chip tuning) and sports exhaust system, performmaster offers conversions of the AMG turbocharger. For AMG vehicles that are factory-equipped with a turbocharger, we install a larger and more powerful AMG turbo by the performmaster specialists.

With more than 30 years of experience, the performmaster AMG team offers everyday and durable solutions – of course, this also includes the ability to register. In addition to AMG chip tuning in combination with a sports exhaust system and sound tuning, this is also a comprehensive upgrade for your turbo.

How does a turbocharger work?

In an AMG turbocharger, two turbine wheels sit on a shaft. Both turbine wheels are housed in two separate housings. The exhaust gases drive the turbine wheels. They bring the supercharger shaft to over 120,000 revolutions per minute. Since the exhaust and fresh air rotors use the same shaft, fresh air is pressed into the cylinders at the same speed.

An AMG turbocharger achieves high torque and high engine performance by compressing the intake air. Due to the increased density, more oxygen can get into the combustion chamber of the engine with each intake stroke. Better combustion is possible with the higher oxygen content – the AMG performance increases.

The heat and kinetic energy of the engine exhaust gas are used to drive the exhaust gas turbine of the AMG turbocharger. The exhaust gas turbine drives the compressor. This compresses the intake air, causing it to heat up. In order to further improve the filling of the cylinders with the fuel-air mixture and thus increase performance, there is an intercooler in the intake tract that reduces the temperature of the compressed fresh air.

Due to the good degree of filling, significant increases in performance can be achieved with AMG turbo engines.


Assembly, TÜV and guarantee

In all measures to optimize your Mercedes-AMG, we pay attention to the best quality. All of the components that we install are road legal and, if necessary, are presented to the TÜV base in-house for acceptance after assembly. Unless they are vehicles for use outside of regular road traffic, racing or motor sports.

In the course of a performmaster AMG turbo upgrade, we would be happy to advise you on other changes such as the chassis, tires and brake system. Even after the AMG Turbo upgrade, your vehicle retains its operating permit. Conversion and workshop work, like the TÜV registration, are carried out at our performmaster base.

We would be happy to make you an individual offer for a turbo conversion with your desired components.

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Leistungssteigerung und Vmax-Aufhebung für Mercedes-AMG:

Turbocharger: Responsiveness

In the upper engine speed range, there is a high turbine speed, which means that the air is compressed more than necessary. In the lower speed range, the turbine does not reach the necessary speed. The air is not sufficiently compressed.

The engine does not achieve the desired performance (turbo lag). The well-known minute of thought that occurs until the turbocharger responds again can be significantly reduced by chip tuning.

Turbocharger Upgrade

Today, AMG turbochargers are being developed that have variable turbine geometry, which further improves the torque curve and response. Furthermore, the plain bearings used in today’s AMG turbochargers are replaced by newly developed ball bearings, which achieve greater efficiency.

This is where the performmaster AMG specialists come in: Our turbocharger conversions and subsequent adjustment of the series data (chip tuning) ensure a long-lasting and stable additional performance over the entire speed range.