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AMG Tuning-Technologie

performmaster tuning technology

AMG Tuning-Technologie

Best results and highest safety. These are the advantages of CAN bus tuning technology:

  • Performance increase and Vmax cancellation in a tuning module
  • No breaking or tampering with the engine control unit
  • Tuning does not start until the engine is at optimum operating temperature
  • All factory engine protection features are retained
  • All factory engine updates are still possible
  • Tuning will continue to be maintained after every service update
  • For diagnostic purposes, the vehicle can be returned to its original state at any time
  • residue-free dismantling possible

Plug-&-Drive installation

AMG-Tuning Einfacher Einbau und Rückrüstung in den Serienzustand

In just 3 steps to your perfect AMG tuning:

  • No interference with the manufacturer’s engine control unit by opening, reprogramming or soldering ✓
  • No disconnection of the serial wiring harness (CAN bus system) ✓
  • No mechanical changes to the engine ✓
  • vehicle remains fully diagnosable ✓
  • Vehicle can be put back into series at any time ✓
  • If the tuning fails, the vehicle is in serial production ✓

Development of an AMG tuning

For your perfect AMG tuning, the following data is analyzed during optimization:

  • RPM, air mass and fuel mixture
  • Temperatures (water, oil, gearbox, intake manifold, exhaust)
  • Ambient pressure, ambient temperature, altitude
  • Speed
  • Rail pressure sensor, turbo
  • Fuel Quality
  • Ignition

AMG tuning: OEM quality

Reliability, precision and excellent quality of all materials used. See for yourself:

  • All electronic components are protected by the housing
  • It is heat resistant and can be placed in the engine compartment
  • The high-quality harness, in OEM quality, is also heat resistant and splash-proof
  • All cable connections and connections have been designed and manufactured specifically and exclusively for high performance vehicles

It matters, who you choose

AMG tuning variants in comparison

PEC tuning module


Second ECU unit works hand in hand with the standard engine control unit. Your vehicle works with 2 functional control units. The existing components of the vehicle will not be exchanged. No intervention in the series engine control unit by opening, reprogramming or soldering. No breaking or spinning the serial wiring harness. Tuning can be upgraded to 100% and the vehicle can be restored to its original state.

No problems with vehicle updates in customer service, since your Mercedes AMG remains fully diagnosable and, for example, Engine control unit updates can be performed without losing the tuning.

Full integration and communication with the CAN bus system of the Mercedes AMG. The values of the vehicle are monitored in real time via the vehicle-side sensors, e.g. Speed, air mass, rail pressure, water, oil, – transmission, – intake manifold, – exhaust temperature, vehicle speed, etc..

The CAN bus communication allows the optimization of all relevant values, taking into account the influencing factors. This allows the necessary adjustments such as boost pressure, ignition timing, fuel quantity, raising the maximum speed. All this is controlled by a 2nd control unit.

The safety of the engine and turbocharger is monitored in real time. All relevant data flows into the optimization of the vehicle. For example, Engine temperature, intake manifold, natural influences (ambient pressure, ambient temperature, altitude, fuel quality)

All factory motor protection functions are fully retained.

Highest quality of the components that are used. Manufacturers of these components are the same suppliers that vehicle manufacturers use. Test procedures and quality controls are equal to the vehicle manufacturer, EMC, tightness, corrosion, vibration stability, etc.

In Germany, designed, developed and independently certified by the TÜV for each individual product.

Die aktuellste Einrichtung mit einem MAHA Leistungsprüfstand um die Standards der Fahrzeughersteller zu erreichen wird für die Entwicklung verwendet.

performmaster takes the responsibility: Therefore, we offer a comprehensive warranty on engine, transmission, differential, turbo and other components up to 2 years from installation / 100,000km in Europe.

Performmaster AMG-Tuning aus Plüderhausen

Your AMG tuning: We are happy to advise you!

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Performance package and Vmax delimiter for Mercedes-AMG:

The PEC tuning unites all AMG chip tuning advantages in just one module: Increased performance including German part approval. The operational safety of your Mercedes-AMG comes first. Because the PEC tuning module starts when the engine temperature of your Mercedes-AMG is sufficient. Significant advantages over a classic ECU chip tuning for a Mercedes-AMG.

Just like a classic AMG chip tuning, the tuning with a PEC tuning module is active immediately after installation: more horsepower and more torque for your Mercedes-AMG. As simple as the installation is, so easy is also the retro-fitting in stock perfromance. This is chip tuning for your Mercedes-AMG of the latest generation with a PEC tuning module from performmaster.

Chiptuning for the Mercedes-AMG with the PEC tuning module by performmaster with the innovative CAN bus tuning technology. Select your Mercedes-AMG here.