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Tuning for Mercedes-AMG: Part approval


AMG tuning with part approval

Performmaster offers the PEC tuning module, including a vehicle-specific TÜV part approval. The parts approval allows registration at all recognized test centers. With the part approval, performmaster fulfills the highest criteria for operational safety. The part approval is included as standard in the scope of delivery of your AMG tuning.

Chiptuning TÜV Teilegutachten

Part approval: Tuning with service and quality

With our company-wide verification, our production, order processing and shipping are under constant scrutiny for the highest levels of quality, reliability and reliability.

For this purpose, the entire quality management of performmaster was successfully verified and all processes subjected to a complete review.

Through our constant controls and verification of all steps in the development process, our products meet the highest standards when you arrive at our customers.

Performmaster AMG-Tuning aus Plüderhausen

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Performance package and Vmax delimiter for Mercedes-AMG:

The PEC tuning unites all AMG chip tuning advantages in just one module: Increased performance including German part approval. The operational safety of your Mercedes-AMG comes first. Because the PEC tuning module starts when the engine temperature of your Mercedes-AMG is sufficient. Significant advantages over a classic ECU chip tuning for a Mercedes-AMG.

Just like a classic AMG chip tuning, the tuning with a PEC tuning module is active immediately after installation: more horsepower and more torque for your Mercedes-AMG. As simple as the installation is, so easy is also the retro-fitting in stock perfromance. This is chip tuning for your Mercedes-AMG of the latest generation with a PEC tuning module from performmaster.

Chiptuning for the Mercedes-AMG with the PEC tuning module by performmaster with the innovative CAN bus tuning technology. Select your Mercedes-AMG here.