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NEW: performmaster V8 C63 AMG Final Edition

Mercedes G63 AMG Schmiedefelge
Mercedes G63 AMG Schmiedefelge
Mercedes AMG G63 Felge

C63 Final Edition: THE BELOVED EIGHT

Now it’s disappearing after all, the one and only, legendary V8 engine from Mercedes AMG.
What began in 2015 and became the absolute best-selling model is now disappearing from the streets of this world with a faint rattle. You don’t know when exactly, but it won’t be long, because you can no longer order the C63 V8.

Now it’s time for lovers of large-stroke engines with 8 cylinders and for fans of Mercedes-AMG to say goodbye. Just like back then from the last air-cooled 911. Those who got one of the last models back then are still happy today, because the prices were still going through the roof decades later. The same should happen with one of the last Mercedes-AMG 8 cylinders.

Mercedes AMG C63 Final Edition

The performmaster© C63 V8 Final Edition
performmaster pays tribute to this cylinder icon from AMG with a unique special model. Not only with even more performance, but also with a spectacular appearance.

The performance data of the performmaster© C63 V8 Final Edition
The performmaster© engineers took on this engine legend and after months of highly concentrated work, a real performance explosion of the V8 came out.

| 612 hp/450 kW (standard 510 hp/375 kW)
| 840 Nm (series 700 Nm)
| 310 km/h (series 250km/h)
| 3.8 sec. (Series 4.0)

The performmaster© C63 V8 Final Edition

This monster’s thrust comes at low revs. This is matched by the perfect soundtrack from the turbos. But that’s not all.

A living legend should also have the right outfit for its final appearance – elegant, special and with goosebumps feeling. And the experts at performmaster© performfacture© have impressively succeeded in doing this.

The exterior of the performmaster© C63 V8 Finale Edition is not only impressive, but also ensures better driving characteristics that do justice to the increase in performance. All performmaster aerodynamic parts are made of carbon:

  • Front splitter
  • Larger front flics around the air intakes
  • Barbecue
  • Fender inserts
  • Side skirts
  • Rear diffuser including tailpipes
  • Heck flics
  • Rear spoiler lip
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Performance increase and Vmax cancellation for Mercedes-AMG:
Performmaster sets an example for quality and exclusivity: The performmaster V8 C63 AMG Final Edition is elaborately constructed and made in a small series to fit your C63 AMG. The special production of the performmaster V8 C63 AMG Final Edition is the quality-defining feature of performmaster.
The performmaster V8 C63 Final Edition is now available in an exclusive and limited special edition for Mercedes-AMG C63. A special highlight are the performmaster V8 C63 Final Edition aerodynamic packages. High-quality materials make the performmaster V8 C63 Final Edition an absolute eye-catcher and perfectly complement your Mercedes-AMG C63.